Thursday 20 May, 19:30 o'clock - Church in Rougemont

"Henry our King" - Music for Henry VIII

LA CAPELLA DE LA TORRE (8 musicians)

Katharina BÄUML shawm, dulcian & direction
Charles DANIELS tenor
Antonin SCHERRER narrator

Following Charles Quint's appearance last year, Katharina Bäuml and her Capella de la Torre sketch out in broad strokes of wind music the major moments in the life and reign of England's most famous king, Henry VIII.

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Friday 21 May, 10 o'clock - Church in Rougemont

Children singing for other children


Gonzague MONNEY direction

After the Ministrings last year, students from the Lausanne Conservatory's School of Music are back once again to demonstrate their passion to other children. This time singers from the school of music will make the trip.

Free entry - information and reservations at the Tourist Office.

Friday 21 May, 19:30 o'clock - Church in Rougemont

From the Court of Elisabeth I to Ireland's pubs


Odile EDOUARD violin
Claire MICHON flutes
Pascale BOQUET lute & quintern
Freddy EICHELBERGER harpsichord & cittern
Sylvie MOQUET viola de gamba

A joyous and dance-like introduction with jigs and ballads taken from Playford's "Dancing Master" will be followed by a more intimate atmosphere with improvisations on grounds, masques and ballad tunes. Homage will be paid to two great names from the end of the 16th century: Lassus and Dowland. The evening will close in the company of the celebrated O'Neill and his jigs, hornpipes and furious reels...

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Saturday 22 May, 11 o'clock - Church in Rougemont

"Lessons of Worthe" - The English virginalists

BERTRAND CUILLER harpsichord & virginal

Works by Thomas Tomkins ("Lessons of Worthe"), William Byrd, John Bull & Thomas Tallis. The virginal was the favored instrument among the English and Flemish bourgeoisie in the 17th century. Legend would have it that the instrument was played above all by young girls. A "plucked" instrument (plectra mounted in jacks) from the same family as the harpsichord and spinet, the virginal has a rectangular form with a keyboard placed in a recess called the "keywell".

CHF 15

Saturday 22 May, 19:30 o'clock - Church in Rougemont

The Messiah

ENSEMBLE ORLANDO FRIBOURG (16 singers & soloists)

Laurent GENDRE direction

Georg Friedrich Handel: The Messiah (extracts from the 1st and 2nd parts)
Georg Friedrich Handel: Coronation Anthems Nos. 2 & 3

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

SCANDINAVIAN EVENING | Sunday 23 May, 19:30 o'clock - Church in Rougemont

Songs and ballades from England and Norway

TRIO MEDIAEVAL – Berit Opheim VERSTO, Linn Andrea FUGLSETH, Torunn Østrem OSSUN

Birger MISTEREGGEN percussion & jew's harp

Three exceptional singers who journey across the centuries, from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, from Norwegian folk music to the refined art of young English composer Andrew Smith. A moment of weightlessness which, for those who desire, will be followed by a buffet with Scandinavian specialties and a "night session" with Ruedi Lutz.

CHF 45 / 30 / 20 > concert alone
CHF 60 / 45 / 35 > combined ticket "Trio Mediaeval - Scandinavian Buffet - Late Night Concert"

LATE NIGHT CONCERT | Sunday 23 May, 21:30 o'clock - Church in Rougemont

"...& I take the low road & you take the high road" -
An English Soirée with Ruedi Lutz

Ruedi LUTZ harpsichord, virginal & keyboard

Is it necessary to repeat that he is the "darling" of the festival, the incarnation of the pioneering spirit that has stimulated the festival since its beginning in 2001? Ruedi Lutz takes up the English hour in order to prolong the evening placed under the sign of the North.

CHF 15 > concert alone
CHF 60 / 45 / 35 > combined ticket "Trio Mediaeval - Scandinavian Buffet - Late Night Concert"

Monday 24 May, 11 o'clock – Church in Rougemont

Would you like to try a little of... English fantasies?


Ann ROUX violin & viola
Anne MILLISCHER violin & viola
Soojin LEE viola de gamba

Works by Thomas Lupo, William Byrd, John Jenkins, Henry Purcell & Matthew Locke. "Of this kind [instrumental music] the chief and most excellent, for art and contrivance, are Fancies, of 6, 5, 4 and 3 parts, intended commonly for viols. In this sort of music the composer (being not limited to words) doth employ all his art and invention solely about the bringing in and carrying on of these fugues, according to the order and method formerly shewed." (Christopher Simpson)

CHF 15

Monday 24 May, 16 o'clock - Church in Rougemont

Farewell, Italia!


Marco BEASLEY voice
Guido MORINI harpsichord
Stefano ROCCO lute
Fabio ACCURSO lute

Works by Giles Farnaby, John Dowland, Claudio Saracini, Giulio Caccini, Marco Beasley, John Bull, Claudio Monteverdi & Pierre Guédron. A concert in which John Dowland, one of the most celebrated English composers of the 16th and 17th centuries, takes an imaginary trip (as imagined by the concert's performers) throughout Italy.

CHF 45 / 30 / 20


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