Listen and let yourself be transported into another realm… Isn’t that the most beautiful voyage possible? That is the invitation that we extend to you year after year at the “La Folia” Festival of Early Music in Rougemont each Whitsunday weekend. The voyages are real in a sense – you can pass in a manner of minutes from Naples with Scarlatti to Northern Germany with Bach. They can also be imaginary – Italy figures in the music of Bach, although he had never ventured further south than the boundaries of his native Thuringia. And the voyages can also be very sensory, such as when Monteverdi sparks our spirits by conjuring up ardent love or cries of desperation.

Love! Encompassing some of the most beautiful pages of music ever written, it clearly delineates the programme performed by the ensemble Meridian (Saturday, 23 May), and colors the six other concerts this year: in the song of young mezzo-soprano Juliette de Banes Gardonne performing unknown Neapolitain cantatas (21 May); in the Italian songs sung by Polish soprano Jolanta Kowalska, and in the vocal performances of Nuria Rial (24 May, interpreting Bach and Graupner with Ruedi Lutz) and Marie-Claude Chappuis performing French songs (25 May, accompanied by lute player Luca Pianco). But also in the interplay of violinists Giuliano Carmignola and Pablo Valetti (a unique encounter featuring the music of Bach and Vivaldi on 22 May) as well as in the vocal works selected by Leonardo García Alarcón for his debut in Rougemont with the Vocal Ensemble of Lausanne (23 May). As the famous song says, love is everywhere! It is a great pleasure and honor to share this music with you as well as the privileged moments of amiable gaiety that have come to characterize our little festival in the midst of the Vaudois Alps after 15 years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our patrons, sponsors, partners, friends, benefactors and you, our faithful audiences, for without you “La Folia” simply would not exist!

Thursday 21 May – 8 PM

Trésors du baroque napolitain – Nouveaux talents

Juliette DE BANES GARDONNE mezzo-soprano
Paola ERDAS harpsichord
Franco PAVAN theorbo
Alberto GUERRERO cello
Olivier RIEHL transverse flute
N. N. violins

Cristofaro Caresana: “La Rosa”, “Tancredi sulla morta Clorinda”, “Il Narciso” – unpublished cantatas for soprano and basso continuo Nicola Porpora: “Fille, oh dio, qui t'asconde e dove sei?”, cantata for soprano, transverse flute and basso continuo Alessandro Scarlatti: “Bella madre dei fiori”, cantata for mezzo-soprano, violins and basso continuo

One of the most gratifying aspects of being a concert promoter is providing an opportunity to young musicians ready to embark on a promising career with an untold number of future successes. Last year it was Capucine Keller. This year, Juliette de Banes Gardonne, a French mezzo-soprano who studied in Geneva and Lausanne and is now home in Fribourg; she will be performing a tailor-made programme punctuated by beautiful and yet little-known works.

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Friday 22 May – 7.30 PM

Vivaldi-Bach-Telemann – Café Zimmermann meets Giuliano Carmignola

*Giuliano CARMIGNOLA violin

CAFÉ ZIMMERMANN [9 musicians]
Pablo VALETTI violin
Céline FRISCH harpsichord

Johann Sebastian Bach: *Concerto for Violin in A Minor, BWV 1041, Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, BWV 1043 Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for Two Violins in D Major, RV 513, *Concerto for Violin in E Minor, RV 281 Georg Philipp Telemann: Concerto for Four Violins without Bass

Giuliano Carmignola, the reigning star of the Baroque violin, felt so at home in Rougmont last year that he said he would like to return… for at least the next ten years! He is back this year for an encounter with another master of this instrument, Pablo Valetti, performing together a brilliant programme of concertos by Bach and Vivaldi.

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Saturday 23 May – 11 AM

«Voyages of Love» – French music for Woodwinds

Dominique TINGUELY flûte à bec [recorder] & Baroque bassoon
Sarah HUMPHRYS Baroque oboe & flûte à bec [recorder]
Katharina HEUTJIER Baroque violin
Tore EKETORP viola da gamba & quinton
Christian KJOS harpsichord
Mirko Arnone theorbo & Baroque guitar

Michel Corrette: Concerto comique VI “Le Plaisir des Dames”, op. 8 Joseph Bodin de Boismortier: Sonate IV à trois parties, op. 37; “Les Voyages de l'Amour: Arrivée des Genies Elementaires”, excerpt from the opéra-ballet, op. 60 Jean-Féry Rebel: Sonate Sixième Joseph Bodin de Boismortier: Premier Ballet de Village en trio, op. 52; Concerto à cinq parties, op. 37 Michel Corrette: Première Suite, op. 12 Joseph Bodin de Boismortier: Sonate III à deux parties, op. 14 Jean-Fery Rebel: “Les Caractères de la Danse”, fantasy

CHF 20

Saturday 23 May – 7.30 PM

«Labyrintho d'affetti» – EVL meets Leonardo García Alarcón


Works by Monteverdi, A. Scarlatti, Gesualdo, Schütz, J. Ch. Bach, Rore, Arcadelt, Flecha, Macque, Willaert, Lassus, D'India, Mazzochi and Giorgi

They made the church walls tremble in 2012 under the direction of founder Michel Corboz: the leading choir from French-speaking Switzerland is back in Rougemont with one of the most eminent Baroque conductors. Leonardo García Alarcón has put together an inspired and varied programme for the occasion that highlights the brilliant source of inspiration that Italy represented for many musicians from Northern Europe.

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Sunday 24 May – 7.30 PM

«Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut» [my heart swims in blood] – Ruedi Lutz meets Nuria Rial

Nuria RIAL soprano

J. S. BACH-STIFTUNG [6 musicians] Plamena NIKOITASSOVA, Lenka TORGENSEN violins Matthias JÄGGI viola Maya AMREIN cello Markus BERNHARD violone Andreas HELM oboe

Ruedi LUTZ organ, harpsichord, direction & narration

Christoph Graupner: Cantata «Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut» Reflection Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata BWV 199 «Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut»

A brilliant improviser and faithful friend to “La Folia” since its beginning, Ruedi Lutz displays another of his many talents with this programme: as a conductor together with the sublime Nuria Rial and instrumentalists from his J. S. Bach Foundation in St. Gall.

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Monday 25 May – 11 AM

«Ils s'en vont ces Roys de ma vie» – French airs de cour [court songs]

Marie-Claude CHAPPUIS mezzo-soprano Luca PIANCA lute

French airs de cour by Jean-Baptiste Lully, Michel Lambert, Gabriel Bataille, Antoine Boesset and Antoine Forqueray

Internationally acclaimed singer Marie-Claude Chappuis from Fribourg appears for the first time in Rougemont performing French airs de cour. She is accompanied by lute player Luca Pianca, who we are very happy to see again some years after his first appearance here with the ensemble Il Giardino Armonico.

CHF 20

Monday 25 May – 4 PM

«Vagheggiando Zeffiri» – Italian Songs and European Concertos


I PIZZICANTI [10 musicians]
Tamar ESKANIAN transverse flute
Francesco SPENDOLINI chalumeau
Rafael BECERRA, Patrizio GERMONE, Shant ESKENIAN violins
Nadja LESAULNIER viola & harpsichord
Jonathan PESEK cello
Samuel MANZANO Baroque guitar & theorbo
Chani LESAULNIER harpsichord
Lucie CORNEMILLOT double bass

Christoph Graupner: Overture in B-flat Major, GWV 484 Antonio Vivaldi: “Laudate Pueri” (Psalm 112), RV 601 (excerpt), Song “Zeffiretti che sussurrate” [whispering breezes], Concerto for Violin and Cello, RV 547 Jan Dismas Zelenka: 8 Italian Songs (excerpt) Jean-Marie Leclair: Concerto for Transverse Flute in C Major, op. 7 n° 3 Georg Philipp Telemann: Concerto for Transverse Flute, Violin and Cello in A Major, TWV 53:A2 Francesco Bartolomeo Conti: Cantata «Lontananza dell’amato» [the distance from my beloved]

CHF 45 / 30 / 20


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