For love and for madness… Many pages have been written in the name of these two themes, very often hand in hand, both in literature and in music. Moreover, the Baroque esthetic always placed emphasis on the power of the emotions and the states of the soul… Love and madness transcend all rules, all borders, all languages… That is why, although we did not set a theme for this year’s festival, you can find similar topics in each concert. The 2016 edition of “La Folia” will entrance with love songs for the viola da gamba, with the intense expression of Mediterranean sorrow, with the mad virtuosity of the violin or harpsichord, with the powerful emotional expression of Handel’s music, or with the profound tones of a rich and beautiful bass voices…

The spirit of the festival in 2016 is perhaps best represented by the title of the concert with the ensemble Daedalus (13 May) – “Of Love and Madness” – a programme of Italian lamenti featuring soprano Monika Mauch. But since it is almost impossible to set any text to music without speaking of love, young soprano Alice Borciani will sing a number of such moving arias by Handel (15 May), while basses Stephan MacLeod and Benoît Arnould will acquaint us with religious fervor – another form of love… or madness! – performing rare cantatas by Tunder, Rosenmüller and Biber (16 May). In addition to these vocal programmes, instruments will also have a chance to sing, beginning with the most vocal of string instruments – the viola da gamba – at the opening concert with the French consort L’Achéron (12 May). Our two matinee concerts feature two cultivated duos from two of the most important professional music schools in Switzerland: Jovanka Marville, harpsichord, and Jan von Hoeke, flute à bec [recorder], both professors at the HEMU in Lausanne (14 May), as well as Ruedi Lutz in the company of Dirk Börner, harpsichordists and professors at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (16 May). And of course, how can one speak of “love” and “madness” without speaking of the violin? The great Giuliano Carmignola will come to “La Folia” for the third time to enthrall his audience – something like a rock star thanks to his immense virtuosity (14 May).

The 2016 edition of the festival also marks a turning point in its history with the departure of artistic director Antonin Scherrer, who is off to conquer new horizons. Capucine Keller, the new artistic director, and the festival team are dedicated to guarding and nurturing the traditions and intrinsic spirit of “La Folia”: a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, a diverse offering of Baroque music in the marvelous church of Saint Nicolas in Rougemont, as well as a large portion of fresh Alpine air from the Vaudoise Alps!

We would like to thank all of our patrons, sponsors, partners, friends, benefactors and you, our faithful audiences, for without you “La Folia” simply would not exist!

Thursday 12 May – 8 pm

“Ludi Musici” – in Honor of the Viola da Gamba

ENSEMBLE L’ACHÉRON [8 musicians]
François JOUBERT-CAILLET treble viol and direction
Andreas LINOS treble and tenor viols
Marie-Suzanne DE LOYE tenor and bass viols
Robin PHARO bass viol
Sarah VON OUDENHOVE consort bass
Miguel HENRY theorbo and cittern
Philippe GRISVARD virginal
Yoann MOULIN positive organ

Ludi Musici (1621) by Samuel Scheidt

This is a wonderful opportunity to discover a group of talented young artists whose star is rising rapidly: the ensemble L’Achéron is on its way to establishing itself as the prime viol consort in all of Europe. Like François Joubert-Caillet, the head of the ensemble, the musicians epitomize the new generation of Baroque artists: young, attractive, talented and constantly in search of new musical treasures from the past but enlivened with a fresh, dynamic spirit. At this year’s “La Folia” they will be performing the programme from their latest recording released in 2015 featuring the music of Samuel Scheidt.

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Friday 13 May – 7.30 pm

“Of Love and Madness” – The Art of the Lamento

Monika MAUCH soprano

ENSEMBLE DAEDALUS [8 instrumentalists]
Roberto FESTA flute and direction
Veronika SKUPLIK violin
Judith STEENBRINK violin
Silvia TECARDI viola da gamba
Brigitte GASSER viola da gamba
Pierre PITZL viola da gamba and guitar
Hugh SANDILANDS guitar and lute
Julian BEHR theorbo

ENSEMBLE MADRIGALESCA [4 Corsican singers]
Nicole CASALONGA voice and direction
Gilberte CASABIANCA voice
Cathy GRAZIANI voice
Anne Lise HERRERA voice and cello

Compositions by Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber, Giovanni Paolo Colonna, Tarquinio Merula, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Barbara Strozzi, Maurizio Cazzati, as well as works by anonymous composers. For the 20th anniversary of the ensemble Daedalus from Geneva, director Roberto Festa has prepared an exceptional concert of Italian lamenti in collaboration with the magnificent German soprano Monika Mauch and the Corsican female vocal ensemble Madrigalesca – musicians active in the tradition of mourning, which is still practiced on their beautiful island. This is a unique opportunity to discover a number of superb but unfamiliar works from this repertory stemming from the crossroads of various Mediterranean traditions. Do not forget to bring your handkerchiefs!

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Saturday 14 May – 11 am

“From Germany to Italy” – a Concert Spotlighting J. S. Bach and A. Corelli

Jovanka MARVILLE harpsichord
Jan VAN HOECKE flûte à bec [recorder]

J.S. Bach : Sonata in F Major (transcription of the organ trio sonata BWV 525), Concerto in D Minor for Harpsichord after Marcello BWV 974, Sonata in D Minor (transcription of the organ trio sonata BWV 527).
A. Corelli : Sonata in F Major Opus 5 No. 4, Sonata “la Follia” Op. 5 No. 12.

This concert spotlights the Haute École de Lausanne [HEMU – University of Music Lausanne]! Following his magnificent recital at “La Folia” in 2012, harpsichordist and HEMU professor Jovanka Marville returns in the company of his colleague flautist Jan Van Hoecke. They will take us on a voyage from Northern to Southern Europe, from Germany to Italy, from Bach to Corelli… Early music lives on in all of its beauty at the HEMU in Lausanne!

CHF 20

Saturday 14 May – 7.30 pm

“Italian Concertos” – Ensemble Barocco Sempre Giovane meets Giuliano Carmignola

Giuliano CARMIGNOLA violin

ENSEMBLE BAROCCO SEMPRE GIOVANE from Prague [12 instrumentalists]

A. Vivaldi : Sinfonia in C Major RV 112, Violin Concerto in D Major RV 187, Violin Concerto in F Major RV 283, Violin Concerto in D Major RV 232
A. Corelli : Concerto grosso in D Major Op. 6 No. 1, Concerto grosso in F Major Op. 6 No. 9

The international star on the Baroque violin honors us at “La Folia” for the third time – proof that he feels very comfortable here! We were more than pleased to agree to his suggestion to perform a concert with his favorite repertoire – violin concertos by Antonia Vivaldi and Arcangelo Corelli. He comes accompanied by the ensemble Barocco Sempre Giovane from Prague. This is a concert that promises many violinistic fireworks!

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Sunday 15 May – 7.30 pm

“The Orient and the Enchanted Island – Italian Arias and Sonatas by Handel

Alice Borciani soprano

Thomas Meraner oboe
Emiliano Rodolfi oboe
Anna Flumiani bassoon
Ludovico Minasi cello
Federica Bianchi harpsichord

Works by G. F. Handel : excerpts from the operas Alcina, Rinaldo and Orlando, Sonata No. 1 HWV 380, Sonata for 2 Oboes in G Minor Op. 2 No. 5 HWV 390, Sonata for 2 Oboes in F Major Op. 5 No. 6 HWV 392/401

For the third consecutive year, “La Folia” offers the stage to a young singer with a promising career. This year we are pleased to host Alice Borciani, a splendid Italian soprano who studied at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and who was invited by our own dear Ruedi Lutz to participate in one of his concerts in 2012 – a concert that still rings dear in our hearts! She is accompanied this time by the ensemble Cafebaum from Basel in a programme featuring excerpts from operas by Handel – moments of pure emotion!

CHF 45 / 30 / 20

Monday 16 May – 11 am

“The Art of Improvisation” – An Encounter between two Professors from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Ruedi LUTZ harpsichord
Dirk BÖRNER harpsichord

Improvisations for two harpsichords

Ruedi Lutz, harpsichordist and the most faithful artist at our “La Folia” festival, introduces Dirk Börner, another fabulous harpsichordist who will be his successor at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Their programme promises to be a fierce improvisation duel that is certain to be moving as well as amusing.

CHF 20

Monday 16 May – 4 pm

“Laetatus sum” – German Cantatas for Two Basses

Stephan MACLEOD bass and direction
Benoît ARNOULD bass

GLI ANGELI [7 instrumentalists]
Leila SCHAYEGH violin
Odile EDOUARD violin and viola
Martine SCHNORHK viola
Hans EGIDI viola
Hager HANANA cello
Benoît VANDEN BEMDEN violone [bass violin]
Francis JACOB organ

Sacred works for two solo basses by Heinrich Schütz, Franz Tunder, Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, Johann Rosenmüller, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber and Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, as well as sonatas by Dietrich Becker

The 2016 edition of “La Folia” closes with the celebrated ensemble Gli Angeli from Geneva performing a programme of German cantatas for two solo basses: two exceptional singers, Benoît Arnoult, a young French bass whose star is on the rise, and Stephan MacLeod, who needs no introduction and also will be leading the ensemble with his sure hand as conductor.

CHF 45 / 30 / 20


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