The 17th edition of “La Folia”, the festival of early music in Rougemont, has the theme of Transmission, or more precisely, the transmission of some kind of expertise… In fact, it is now more than 60 years that Baroque music has experienced an incredible rebirth. The manner of interpreting this genre of music has developed considerably with each generation of artists, each advancing forward based on the discoveries of previous generations… This is more than merely the passing of one generation to another, it is truly the question of the transmission of the art of music, of the interest and desire to continue to increase the understanding and the art of this expressive music…

The festival in 2017 pays homage to two generations of musicians: “stars” who have done so much to make the beauty of early music known to audiences around the world for more than 30 years (Dominique Visse and his Ensemble Clément Janequin, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2018; the great Maria Cristina Kiehr and her suave voice; as well as tenor Paul Agnew, the leading figure of the famous ensemble Arts Florissants), and a new wave of artists who build on the talents and experience of the previous generation by learning, creating, daring and surprising us. This includes, for example, the young but already famous French instrumental quartet Nevermind; lute artist Thomas Dunford; the ensemble Chiome d’Oro from Geneva; as well as violinist Setsuko Sugita… It is also the opportunity to pay homage to the fabulous work that many musicians have made as teachers parallel to their careers as performing artists, for example, viol players Bruno Cocset and Guido Balestracci from Basses Réunies, or harpsichordist Jean-Marc Aymes from Concerto Soave.

Musical Transmission, that is also the idea of the transfer of emotions, a concept that is both very personal as well as universal, a concept that is at the very heart of music. Composers have expressed their intimate feelings by using notes on paper. These scores were then in turn interpreted with great sensitivity in different manners by artists over the centuries, and then retransmitted and shared unconditionally by these artists with audiences. There is something magical in all of this… The concerts in the 17th edition of the festival are quite varied and are guaranteed to touch you tenderly or send chills through you, to make you laugh or make you cry. We present four concerts of vocal music: the ensemble Chiome d’Oro with five voices performing secular Italian music (1 June); the most beautiful songs by Dowland with Paul Agnew and Thomas Dunford (the morning of 3 June); 4-part Renaissance music with the ensemble Clément Janequin (3 June); and sacred monodies for soprano with Maria Cristina Kiehr and the Concerto Soave (5 June). These are complemented by three instrumental concerts: French music with the Nevermind instrumental quartet (2 June); a very original programme with Les Basses Réunies featuring Celtic music (4 June); and the harpsichord and violin duo with Naoki Kitaya and Setsuko Sugita (the morning of 5 June). All of these concerts, of course, are presented in the unique spirit of the festival: a relaxed, familiar, friendly atmosphere in the wonderful church of Saint Nicolas in Rougemont spiced with the magnificent fresh air of the Vaud Alps!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our patrons, sponsors, partners, friends, benefactors and you, our faithful audiences. Without you “La Folia” simply would not exist!

Thursday 1 June – 8 pm

"Sparge la Morte" (death spreads) - Baroque Italy for 1 to 5 voices

Pierre-Louis RÉTAT harpsichord, organ and direction
Capucine KELLER soprano
Claudia CONESE soprano
Maximiliano BAÑOS countertenor
Serge GOUBIOUD tenor
Renaud DELAIGUE bass
Cecilia KNUDTSEN viola da gamba
Charles-Edouard FANTIN theorbo

Madrigals for solo or polyphonic voices by Monteverdi, Caccini, Gesualdo, Sarracini, Marenzio and Mazzocchi

This is a unique opportunity to hear a rising star! The ensemble Chiome d’Oro from Geneva is back for the second time at La Folia performing works from its favorite repertoire, secular Italian music from the 17th century, but now in the formation of five voices and basso continuo. It is a golden moment to hear and (re)discover some polyphonic gems by brilliant composers such as Monteverdi or Gesualdo centering around the mystical theme of death.

CHF 55 / 30 / 20

Friday 2 June – 7.30 pm

"Lueurs du Grand Siècle" (beacons from the grand century) - The French art of instrumental music

Anna BESSON flute
Louis CREA’CH violin
Robin PHARO viola da gamba
Jean RONDEAU harpsichord

Instrumental quartets by Marin Marais and François Couperin

The young but celebrated French instrumental quartet Nevermind is going places! The four musicians demonstrate great sensitivity and responsiveness in their playing, which is obvious both to the ear and the eye. Despite their rapid ascent in popularity they continue to remain unaffected in their performances, seeking above all to share with audiences their pleasure in performing together, their wonderful complicity and their love of the music. They honor us by coming to Rougemont to present their vision of the music of François Couperin and Marin Marais in concert, and this with their typical energy and very cavalier “(ba)rock” attitude. Success is guaranteed!

CHF 55 / 30 / 20

Saturday 3 June – 11 am

"Thou mighty God!"

Paul AGNEW tenor
Thomas DUNFORD lute and theorbo

The most beautiful songs by John Dowland

This concert embodies perfectly the spirit of this year’s “La Folia” Festival. Paul Agnew, a great artist who no longer needs an introduction and is William Christie’s right hand in the celebrated ensemble Les Arts Florissants, joins together here with one of the world’s greatest lute virtuosos, Thomas Dunford, who has been referred to by the media as “the Eric Clapton of the lute” (BBC Magazine) or as the “teenage rock star of the lute” (The Spectator). These two artists represent the new generation of gifted Baroque musicians. They will brighten our Saturday morning with the most beautiful songs by Dowland in a wonderfully intimate atmosphere.

CHF 35 / 20

Saturday 3 June – 7.30 pm

"Les plaisirs du palais" (palace pleasures) - Renaissance polyphony

Dominique VISSE countertenor and direction
Hugues PRIMARD tenor
Vincent BOUCHOT baritone
Renaud DELAIGUE bass
Eric BELLOCQ lute

Chansons by Clément Janequin, Loyset Compère, Clemens non Papa, Roland de Lassus, Nicolas Gombert, Josquin Despres, Jean Mouton, etc.

What a great pleasure to greet the ensemble Clément Janequin at La Folia! The group was founded by famous countertenor Dominique Visse 39 years ago, and it is still THE absolute reference with regard to polyphonic music from the Renaissance. And there is no one better than these five artists to make you laugh heartily as well as cry profoundly… Not to be missed for any reason!

CHF 55 / 30 / 20

Sunday 4 June – 7.30 pm

"Francesco Geminiani : voyages en Terre Celte" (journey through Celtic country)

Bruno COCSET alto and ténor de violon, direction
Guido BALESTRACCI dessus de viole and lyra viole
Emmanuel JACQUES cello
Bertrand CUILLER harpsichord and organ
Esther-Mirjam GRIFFIOEN harp

Combining English and Italian instruments, the ensemble Les Basses Réunies presents a unique concert setting, an informal musical encounter in a lounge or parlor in Dublin. Francesco Geminiani was an Italian musician who had set out to conquer the concert scenes in England; he gathered together local musicians in order to share the music he loved. This programme features his own compositions (sonatas and excerpts from his concerti grossi), his arrangements of Irish and Scottish folk songs, songs by James Oswald (celebrated Scottish musician), folk songs collected and harmonized by Lorenzo Bocchi (another Italian expatriate musician), as well as purely Irish or Scottish songs by Irish harpist O’Carolan. We can look forward to some very interesting discoveries.

CHF 55 / 30 / 20

Monday 5 June – 11 am

"Sur les fleuves" (on rivers) - European cruise to the sweet sounds of the violin and harpsichord

Setsuko SUGITA violin
Naoki KITAYA harpsichord

Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata for violin and basso continuo in E Minor, BWV 1023
François Couperin
Suite in A Minor for harpsichord
Giuseppe Tartini
Sonata for violin and basso continuo in G Minor “Dido abandoned”
Milko Lazar
Ballet suite 2014 for violin and harpsichord

Japanese harpsichordist Naoki Kitaya presents a magnificent voyage with three of the most virtuosic and moving duos for harpsichord and violin of European origins, two from the Baroque and one inspired by the Baroque. He is joined by Setsuko Sugita, one of Enrico Onofri’s most promising students. The concert is topped off by a sublime harpsichord suite by Couperin.

CHF 35 / 20

Monday 5 June – 4 pm

"Canoro Pianto di Maria Vergine" (the lament of the virgin Mary) - A musical lament on the image of Christ

Maria Cristina KIEHR soprano
Sylvie MOQUET viola da gamba
Jean-Marc AYMES harpsichord and direction

Sacred works by Ascanio Mayone, Francesco Dognazzi, Hieronymo Fosumbruno, Vido Rovetto, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Amante Franzoni, Bartholomeo Pesarino, Stefano Bernardio, Alfonso Ferrabosco II, Hieronimo Marinoni, Luc'Antonio Gasparini and Angelico Patto

Renowned soprano Maria Cristina Kiehr closes the 2017 edition of the festival by bringing us to tears with the perfect programme for Pentecost, joined by two other great Baroque musicians: Jean-Marc Aymes, harpsichord and direction, and Sylvie Mocquet, viola da gamba. The concert will give us the opportunity to discover a number of monodies on the image of the deceased Christ, all taken from a volume with works by different composers that appeared in Venice in 1613. The artistic interpretations of these great musicians reveal the fervent passion and sensuality of Italian sacred music from this period.

CHF 55 / 30 / 20


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