The 18th edition of "La Folia", the festival of early music in Rougemont, has been conceived this year as meditative journey, a mystic voyage by way of concerts. The programme emphasizes spiritual music, both vocal and instrumental, but in fact it goes much further. Music has the power to transport, to transcend, to exalt. It can create a universe of emotions with a force and intensity that can make it possible to forget the world around us. A good concert can immerse us completely in the present moment, far away from daily problems and worries. One could describe this auditory space and experience as a kind of Dzsensorium shelterdz that is created by music at a specific moment: a concert! A kind of massage for our spirits. A Baroque ecstasy.

The programme of the 18th Festival of Early Music DzLa Foliadz offers many sweet, enticing sonorities and outstanding artists:The ensemble Albori Musicali (Jan Van Hoecke et Jovanka Marville) from Lausanne will open the festival on Thursday 17 May with a bouquet of concertos for flauto dolce (recorder), for violin as well as for harpsichord by Vivaldi, Sammartini and Babell, followed on Friday 18 May by Les Traversées Baroques, an ensemble from Dijon that will offer us an opportunity to discover the virtuoso sacred vocal music by Polish composer Kaspar Forster. The two concerts on Saturday 18 May spotlight the female voice. In the morning, soprano Barbara Zanichelli will bring compositions from 14th century Florence to life with her marvelous angelic voice accompanied by the Spanish ensemble Tasto Solo performing on medieval instruments. On Saturday evening we will have the wonderful opportunity to welcome the sublime French soprano Sandrine Piau performing an operatic programme of Handel together with (the equally sublime) Les Paladins under the direction of Jérôme Correas in St. Nicolas Church in Rougemont. The programme features a balanced bouquet of virtuosic arias and gripping lamentations. On 20 May eminent violinist Hélène Schmitt will perform a programme perfectly suited for Sunday: Biber’s famous Rosary Sonatas. On Monday morning 21 May a spirited group of French harpsichordists will offer a magnificent lesson in improvisation. The festival will close later on the same day with the some of the most beautiful sacred works by Rovetta, Legrenzi and Monteverdi performed by Concerto Scirocco, a young ensemble from Basel.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our patrons, sponsors, partners, friends, benefactors and you, our faithful audiences. Without you "La Folia" simply would not exist!

Thursday 17 May – 20h

"Baroque Concertos"

Jan Van HOECKE flauto dolce
Liv HEYM Baroque violin
Lucien PAGNON Baroque violin
Emmanuel CARRON Baroque viola
Esmé DE VRIES Baroque cello
Jovanka MARVILLE harpsichord

William Babell (1689/90 – 1723)
Concerto for Flauto Dolce in D Major Allegro – Adagio – Allegro

Giuseppe Sammartini (1695 – 1750)
Concerto for Flauto Dolce in F Major Allegro – [Siciliano] – Allegro assai
Concerto for Harpsichord in F Major Allegro – Andante – Allegro

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741)
L’Estro Armonico, Op.3 No.8 in A Minor Allegro –Larghetto e spirituoso– Allegro
Concerto for Flute and Violin in D Major Allegro – [Largo] – Allegro
Concerto in C Minor Allegro – Largo – Allegro molto

A wonderful opportunity to observe the development of musicians that we love and support: after their unforgettable concert at La Folia in 2015, harpsichordist Jovanka Marville and flutist Jan Van Hoecke decided to expand their musical collaboration by forming an ensemble. This led to the birth of Albori Musicali in 2016. We are delighted and very proud in Rougemont to be one of the first to greet this new ensemble performing an enticing programme of concertos for flute, for violin as well as for harpsichord by Vivaldi, Sammartini and Babell.

Friday 18 May – 7.30pm

"The Abundant Imagination of Kaspar Förster" -
The Art of Vocal Virtuosity"

Etienne MEYER direction
Anne MAGOUËT soprano
Paulin BÜNDGEN countertenor
Vincent BOUCHOT tenor
Renaud DELAIGUE bass
Stéphanie ERÖS Baroque violin
Helena ZEMANOVA Baroque violin
Judith PACQUIER cornetto
Liselotte EMERY cornetto
Ronald MARTIN viola da gamba
Nora ROLL viola da gamb
Laurent STEWART positiv organ and harpsichord

Kaspar Förster (1616-1673)
Confitebor tibi Domine (psalm) Jesu Dulcis Memoria (hymn) Sonata No. 2 à 3 O Bone Jesu Sonata No. 3 à 3
Benedicam Dominum (psalm) Sonata anonym for two cornettos Credo quod redemptor Beatus Vir qui timet Domine (psalm)

The ensemble from Dijon specializes in the discovery and resurrection of lost and forgotten works, as in the case of the brilliant Polish composer Kaspar Förster, whose music displays strong Italian influences. The surprising virtuosity of his compositions, both for voices as well as instruments, was inspired by the exceptional talents of the musicians around him, starting with his own fine and resonant bass voice. Les Traversées Baroques will be performing the very best of his works, simply extraordinary music!

Saturday 19 May – 11am

"Il Paradiso" -
Landini and contemporaries from the Florentine trecento

Barbara ZANICHELLI soprano
Pau MARCOS vielle
Guillermo PEREZ organetto and direction

Vocal and instrumental compositions by Landini and his contemporaries

Every performance of the ensemble Tasto Solo offers pleasures doubled: an opportunity for the ears to discover less well-known works from the 14th and 15th centuries as well as occasion for the eyes to admire beautiful, rare keyboard instruments, such as theorganetto. Guillermo Perez and his companions are back for the second time in Rougemont to perform a selection of Italian music dedicated to (among others) Francesco Landini, the veritable star of the 14th century, as well as to Florentine poet Petrarch.

Saturday 19 May – 7:30pm

"Heroines" -
The most beautiful dramatic arias by Handel

Sandrine PIAU soprano
Jérôme CORREAS direction and harpsichord
Juliette ROUMAILHAC violin
Jonathan NUBEL violin Clara MUHLETHALER viola
Nicolas CRNJANSKI cello
Franck RATAJCZYK double bass
Charles-Edouard FANTIN guitar and theorbo

Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)
Giulio Cesare: aria for Cleopatra: "Non disperar, chi sa"
Alcina: aria for Alcina: "Ah! Mio cor"
Giulio Cesare: aria for Cleopatra: "Piangero la sorte mia"
Suite: "Rodrigo":Overture, gigue, saraband, matelot miminuet Ariodante: Overture, march
Alcina: aria for Morgana: "Tornami a vagheggiar"
Alcina: recitative and aria for Alcina: "Ah! Ruggiero crudel... Ombre pallide"

Since meeting at the Paris Conservatory and making their debuts with William Christie, Sandrine Piau and have earned fame with countless musical exploits around the world. And for over a decade they have collaborated with the ensemble Les Paladins in concert as well as in recordings, bringing works to life from the French and Italian repertories. Cavalli, Vivaldi, Rameau...and now dramatic heroines in Handel’s music, heroines whose vision of love has been shaped by life and not merely an ideal. One of the leading specialists in Handel’s music, Sandrine Piau utilizes all her talents (an outstanding vocal technique paired with a profound sense of expression) to pay homage to this giant composer. It promises to be an unforgettable concert!

Sunday 20 May – 7:30pm

“Fervent Rose” -
The Rosary Sonatas by Biber

Hélène SCHMITT violin
Massimo MOSCARDO theorbo
Francisco MANALICH viola da gamba
François GUERRIER harpsichord and organ

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704)
First sonata in D minor, entitled “The Annunciation” - Fourth sonata in D minor, entitled “The Presentation at the Temple”

Johann Jakob Froberger (1616 -1667)
Lamentation on the painful death of His Imperial Majesty, Ferdinand the Third, for harpsichord solo

Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (um 1580-1651)
Toccata (First book of intabulations for lute)

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Fourteenth sonata in D major, entitled “The Assumption” - Sixteenth and last sonata in the collection, entitled “The Guardian Angel” in G minor for violin solo with bass - Fifteenth sonata in C major, entitled “The Coronation of the Virgin Mary” - Sixth sonata in C minor, entitled “The Agony in the Garden” - Tenth sonata in G minor, entitled “The Crucifixion”

The eminent French violinist Hélène Schmitt offers selections from her tenth recording with this concert: The Rosary Sonatas by Biber, one of the veritable masterpieces for violin from the 17th century. Something that was rare for instrumental music of this period was that the sonatas were composed to religious texts linked to the rosary about events in the lives of Jesus and Mary, enveloped in a mystical mood by the composer. In the hands of Hélène Schmitt, accompanied by the ensemble Luceram, Biber’s music becomes a meditation that transcends the walls of the beautiful St. Nicolas church in Rougemont.

Monday 21 May – 11am

"A Harpsichord Gang"

Freddy EICHELBERGER harpsichord
Pierre GALLON harpsichord
Yoann MOULIN harpsichord

Improvisations for three harpsichords

It is impossible to bring three harpsichordists together and not have them improvise! The Renaissance has left many treasures from this tradition for us: Passamezzo, Romanesca, Follia, Passacaglia, Ciaccona are just some of the forms suited for improvisation, as well as the English Grounds or some of the most famous songs from the period, such as “Une jeune fillette”. Freddy Eichelberger, Pierre Gallon and Yoann Moulin emulate with their improvisations the incessant dialogue between the instruments in a consort of violes or flutes – a delight for audiences!

Monday 21 May – 4pm

"The Three Maestros"

Alice BORCIANI soprano
Riccardo PISANI tenor
Sonoko ASABUKI violin
Pietro MODESTI cornetto
Claire MCINTYRE sackbut
Nathaniel WOOD sackbut
Luca BANDINI violone
Eriko WAKITA organ
Giulia GENINI dulcian, flautos dolce and direction

Giovanni Rovetta (1596-1668)
Canzon IV a 4 - Ave Regina coelorum Canzon Seconda a 3 Beatus Vir Cantate Domino

Giovanni Legrenzi (1626-1690)
Salve, Regina Canzon La Cornara

Giovanni Rovetta
Canzon III a 4 Nulla scientia melior est illa

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)

Giovanni Legrenzi
Sonata “La Pezzoli” Regina coeli laetare

The 2018 edition of the festival will close with a concert featuring Concerto Scirocco, a young ensemble from Basel. Specializing in Baroque music for wind instruments such as the cornetto, the dulcian or the sackbut, the ensemble will reveal the intimate dialogue possible with the human voice with sacred music by three great Italian composers: Rovetta, Legrenzi and Monteverdi. The concert also offers the opportunity to discover the wonderful and unique timbre of tenor Riccardo Pisani’s voice as well as one of the most popular singers at La Folia: Italian soprano Alice Borciani.


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