The 19th edition of “La Folia”, the festival of early music which will be held in Saint Nicolas Church in Rougemont from 6 to 10 June 2019, has been conceived under the theme Musically Yours… It is a reference to the different domains for which the music selected was created. Whether voluntarily or as a commission, whether for a sacred event, a theater, or a king, whether to entertain or to instruct, whether as a means to express beliefs, as a message, or as a homage, early music in all of its diversity was always created to serve some purpose…


The programme of the 2019 “La Folia” Festival in Rougemont represents a journey to distant and diverse universes. The young and talented ensemble Le Petit Trianon opens this year’s festival on Thursday, 6 June, transporting us to a Parisian salon in the 18th century. The journey continues on Friday, 7 June, with Le Baroque Nomade taking us to the shores of the Mediterranean with heartfelt Jewish music. On Saturday, 8 June, we have the opportunity to discover two very different worlds: harpsichordist Violaine Cochard will perform a matinee concert featuring music from all of Europe composed for this instrument at the height of its popularity. In the evening we will be conveyed to the dreamlike universe of a London theatre with soprano Rachel Redmond and the ensemble Le Caravansérail. Sunday, 9 June, is uniquely royal! The celebrated Renaissance ensemble Doulce Mémoire will transport us directly to the chambers of the King of France – but not without passing by the royal stables; a vivid musical contrast of two places so close and yet so far from each other. Finally, on Monday, 10 June, we begin by paying homage to the new organ in Saint Nicolas Church in Rougemont with a concert featuring a rather unusual ensemble: Vincent Thévenaz bringing the great pipes of the new instrument to sound in dialogue with the pipes of a small pan flute played by Michel Tirabosco. Our programme will close in the late afternoon with a surprising repertoire of humorous German music for concert instruments, a wonderful opportunity to discover the ensemble Les Passions de L’Ame from Berne. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our patrons, sponsors, partners, friends, benefactors and you, our faithful audiences. Without you “La Folia” simply would not exist!


Thursday 06 June – 20 o’clock


Une soirée parisienne au XVIIIème siècle

[An 18th century Parisian soirée]



Olivier RIEHL Baroque flute

Amandine SOLANO Baroque violin 

Xavier MARQUIS bassoon 

Cyril POULET Baroque cello 

Jean-Luc HO harpsichord


Works by Couperin, Bodin de Boismortier, Corrette, Rebel and Leclair



The opportunity to discover tomorrow’s stars today: that is one of the great advantages of a festival such as ours. The musicians of the ensemble Le Petit Trianon already are ranked together with leading contemporary Baroque ensembles such as Les Arts Florissants, La Cappella Mediterranea, Pygmalion, etc. The members of the ensemble came together as students at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève with the goal of uniting their fresh and energetic spirits and bonds of friendship in the service of instrumental music – to our great benefit!


Friday 07 June – 19.30 pm


Or Vezahav : d’or et de lumière

[Or Verzahav: of gold and light]



Sophie LELEU mezzo-soprano and harp

Jean-Christophe FRISCH flutes

Rémi CASSAIGNE theorbo

Hager HANANA viola da gamba

Pierre RIGOPOULOS percussion instruments


An evocation of various Jewish holidays with traditional Jewish music and works by Marcello, Lidarti, Marine and anonymous composers.


One of the leading ensembles specializing in early music today, Le Baroque Nomade has been inspired to place Baroque music in context with folk music from different cultures. Their programme Or Vezahav features exquisite Mediterranean Jewish songs in Ladino (the Judaeo-Spanish language) and in Hebrew characterized by sharp rhythms, poignant melodies, and moving poetry marked by laughter and tears in order to depict stories of love, exile or the history of the Jewish people.

Saturday 08 June – 11 o’clock


Le clavecin européen

[The European harpsichord]


Violaine COCHARD harpsichord


Recital highlighting works by Duphly, Forqueray, Haendel and Scarlatti


The great French harpsichordist Violaine Cochard, renowned for her delicate and virtuoso playing, performs a programme presenting a bouquet of European music from the 18th century for the harpsichord: Scarlatti from Italy, Forqueray from France or Handel the world traveler. It is a superb opportunity to discover the many colors and nuances of Baroque music for this instrument. Violaine Cochard’s programme also offers the opportunity to discover beautiful but neglected works by Jacques Duphly, whose music was featured on her latest recording.


Saturday 08 June – 19:30 pm


A Fancy



Rachel REDMOND soprano

Bertrand CUILLER direction, harpsichord and organ 

Stéphan DUDERMEL violin

Myriam MAHNANE violin

Marine SABLONNIÈRE flute

Simon HEYERICK alto

Isabelle SAINT-YVES viola da gamba

André HENRICH theorbo


Programme featuring works by English composers such as Matthew Locke, Henry Purcell, Giovanni Battista Draghi, John Blow, Louis Grabu, James Hart and Samuel Akeroyde.

After coming to Rougemont in 2017 with Les Basses Réunies, Bertrand Cuiller returns to “La Folia” with his ensemble Caravansérail and a programme featuring music from their latest highly-acclaimed recording, A Fancy (in the sense of a fantasy), a dreamlike depiction of an 18th century theatre in London. They perform stage music and arias which unite the English tradition with innovations from French and Italian music to create five imaginary scenes from this “restoration” period, illuminated by the voice of soprano Rachel Redmond.


Sunday 09 June – 19:30 pm

Musique d'un Règne pour la chambre et l'Ecurie du Roi

[Sovereign music from the royal court and stables]


Véronique BOURIN soprano

Hugues PRIMARD tenor

Pascale BOQUET lute & Renaissance guitar

Johanne MAÎTRE bombards, dulzainas, flutes

Elsa FRANK bombards, dulzainas, flutes

Jérémie PAPASERGIO bombards, dulzainas, flutes

Denis RAISIN DADRE bombards, dulzainas, flutes and direction

Bruno CAILLAT, percussion instruments


Songs and dances from the Renaissance.


An aficionado of festivities and dance and entertainment, King Francis I filled his court with France’s best singers and instrumentalists not only in order to make court life pleasant and refined but also as part of his zealous political ambitions. The concert Doulce Mémoire will bring alive moments of splendor and celebration in the castles of the Loire Valley with the superb instrumentalists from the royal court and stables. 


Monday 10 June – 11 o'clock

Tuyaux en crescendo


[The crescendo of pipes]


Michel TIRABOSCO pan flute 

Vincent THEVENAZ great organ 


Works by Bach, Frescobaldi, Bassano, Pachelbel, Vivaldi…


Do not miss out on this event! The main organ of Saint Nicolas Church has been replaced with a new, grand instrument. We have invited two outstanding Swiss musicians to perform together to celebrate this: Vincent Thévenaz on the organ and Michel Tirabosco on the pan flute – an instrument which could be described as a tiny portative organ given its many pipes. Together they will bring to life sublime works of music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods for our great pleasure.



Monday 10 June – 4 pm


[Mischievous tricks and jokes]


Meret LÜTHI violon and direction
Sabine STOFFER violin
Stéphanie ERÖS violin
Anja GRAEWEL alto
Sonoko ASABUKI alto
Matthias JÄGGI alto
Germán ECHEVERRI alto
Alexandre FOSTER cello
Love PERSSON bass
Ieva SALIETE harpsichord and organ
Shizuko NOIRI lute
Margit ÜBELLACKER dulcimer
Peter KUHNSCH percussion


Works by Schmelzer, Fux, Biber and Walther.


To close the 2019 edition of the festival we welcome the ensemble from Berne Les Passions de l’Ame under the direction of violinist Meret Lüthi. Their recording “Schabernack” [mischievous tricks and jokes] was awarded a Diapason d’Or and features humorous and spirited works from the Baroque period. The musicians of Les Passions de l’Ame will not only imitate bird calls and the roar of canons, but will transform this music into pure entertainment with their typical flair, charm and humor.



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