After the cancellation of our 2020 edition for reasons we all know, we are extremely moved to be able to reopen the doors of the “La Folia” Festival from May 20 to 24, 2021!

This musical season will of course be very special as it will be necessarily masked, in very small groups (maximum 50 spectators per concert) and in compliance with all other health rules, but at least it will have the merit of existing! We can't wait to be able to - finally! - live again with you, dear audience of “La Folia”, these unique moments of sharing that even the obvious constraints with which we are all going to have to juggle cannot tarnish!

The “La Folia” Festival is therefore pleased to present the program for its 20th edition, which, given the circumstances in which we operate, will be both expected and quite different:

It will be expected, because luckily for all of us, we were able to reschedule a large part of the concerts, initially planned last year, for the weekend of Pentecost 2021. However, we had to replace the concerts including more than 15 musicians, for obvious reasons of distancing in view of the modest size of our beautiful Saint-Nicolas de Rougemont church. We will therefore have the pleasure of receiving the multi-instrumentalist duo Faenza on Thursday May 20; then Friday May 21, the very famous ensemble Le Poème Harmonique in a Spanish program; continuing on Saturday 22 May with our president's favorite: a recital of "virginal" - a rare instrument - by harpsichordist Bertrand Cuiller in the morning, then, Le Banquet Céleste in an anthology of German arias in the evening; on Sunday 23, we will let ourselves be carried away by the pure sound of young violinist Alice Julien-Laferrière sublimated by the basso continuo ensemble Ground Floor; and we will end this special edition on Monday May 24 with a quick tour of Europe: first England and France with harpsichordist Kenneth Weiss in the company of the two violists Laurence Dreyfus and Heidi Gröger, then Italy, with the Chiome d'Oro ensemble, a regular at “La Folia”, who will come to perform a miniature opera on the story of a couple 

But this edition will also be quite different as we are facing an unprecedented situation. To comply with all the preventive measures required by current health standards, we had to adapt the festival and completely rethink our welcome to the public and our ticket office. In fact, contrary to what was previously announced, a ticket office will be open from Monday 03 May 2021, 10 a.m., to sell the 50 seats authorized per concert (www.festival-la-folia.com). For each fully booked concert, it will then be possible to register on a waiting list with the Rougemont Tourist Office, in the hope that the gauges will increase by then (Tel: 026 925 11 62).To give everyone a chance to get a seat, there will be no season tickets on sale this year. All seats, located in the 1st category, will be on sale individually and at the single price of CHF 55.–. To open its edition under these conditions, the festival is taking a significant financial risk. This is why, more than ever, in support of our structure, we encourage you to become members of our association "La Folia" by supplementing the purchase of your seats with a subscription.

Even masked, we are going to laugh, we are going to cry, we're going to be in for a real treat, and especially a treat for our ears. A year that will undoubtedly be totally unforgettable!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our patrons, sponsors, partners, friends, benefactors and above all you, our faithful audiences. Without you “La Folia” simply would not exist!


Thursday 20 may 2021 – 8 pm

“Lyres delirium”

Marco HORVAT baritone-bass, theorbo, lute, guitar 
Francisco MAÑALICH tenor, viola da gamba, guitar

Works by Biber, Purcell, Hume, Campion, le Camus, Marais, Dufaut, Hurel, Castaldi, Landi, Milanuzzi, San Pietro de Negri... Textes by de Madeleine de Scudéry and others authors.

Sing along with accompaniment: Marco Horvat and Francisco Mañalich are among the very few contemporary performers to have taken up the torch of this ancient tradition. These two musicians with perfectly complementary voices and instruments together created this program to their measure and the many possible combinations found an echo in French, Italian and English songs of the 17th and 18th centuries.


Friday 21 May 2021 - 7.30 pm

« DANZA! »

Isabelle DRUET mezzo-soprano
Fiona-Emilie POUPARD violin
Lucas PERES basse de viole
Thomas de PIERREFEU violone
Pere OLIVÉ percussion instruments 
Vincent DUMESTRE guitar and direction 

Works by Martin y Coll, de Briceño, Calderón de la Barca, etc.

Accompanied by guitar sonorities and percussion rhythms, mezzo-soprano Isabelle Druet sings Spanish music from Baroque Paris. Passion and bloodshed, bitter laments and frenzied diatribes take on life to dance rhythms, a testimony to the place of Spanish music in the court music of Louis XIV and the French craze for Iberian culture. 


Saturday 22 May 2021 – 11 am

“Pescodd Time”

Musique anglaise de l'époque élisabéthaine
[English music from the Elizabethan period]

Bertrand CUILLER virginal

Works by Bull, Aston, Byrd, Philipps

Pavans, galliards and variations on popular songs of the time, these are some of the pieces that Bertrand Cuiller will be performing in his concert dedicated to English composers contemporary with Queen Elizabeth I. A wonderful opportunity to discover the marvelous music of Byrd, Bull, Phillips and even their predecessor Hugh Aston, who wrote some of the earliest works for keyboard. 


Saturday 22 May 2021 – 7.30 pm

“ Lieder  ”
Harmonische Freude, musicalischer Freunde d’Erlebach


Damien GUILLON viola and direction
8 singers and 9 instrumentalists

Excerpts from Harmonische Freude, musicalischer Freunde and trio sonatas by Erlebach 

Countertenor Damien Guillon and his ensemble Le Banquet Céleste will introduce us to Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, a prolific German composer, whose only few works have survived. They will perform several arias for solo voice, taken from the two collections Harmonische Freude musikalischer Freunde (1697 and 1710), and two trio sonatas by this same composer for whom the expression of feelings in music had no other goal than to participate in the harmony of the world.


Sunday 23 May 2021 – 7.30 pm

“Il Genio Inglese”


Elena ANDREYEV cello and direction
Angélique MAUILLON harp
Pierre GALLON harpsichord
Etienne GALLETIER theorbo

Works by Mattéis, Schop, Dowland, Purcell, Baltzar, Brade

When the young Neapolitan composer Nicola Mattéis traveled across Europe and the English Channel at the end of the 17th century it led to a cultural shock: Italian virtuosity mixed with the poetry and mischievous invention of Albion; it was a love at first sight that did not diminish for more than a century. The young and talented violinist Alice Julien-Laferrière will bring this page of history from violin music to life in harmony with the four marvelous musicians of the basso continuo ensemble Ground Floor.


Monday 24 May 2021 – 11 am

“A Fancie”

…et quelques idées heureuses…
[…and some happy thoughts…]

Kenneth WEISS harpsichord
Laurence DREYFUS viola da gamba
Heidi GRÖGER viola da gamba

Music for viola da gamba and harpsichord in France and in England at the time of Louis XIV: Works by Couperin, Heudeline, Simpson, Gibbons, Hume, Locke...

Eminent American harpsichordist Kenneth Weiss has prepared an original recital for the occasion. He will be joined on stage by two marvelous viole players, Laurence Dreyfus and Heidi Gröger; together they will perform as an ensemble, as soloists, in duet, as a trio, a concert that will vividly illustrate the birth of instrumental virtuosity in England and France in the 17th century. 

Monday 24 May 2021 – 4 pm

“Capriccio d’Amore”

L’amour en tranches fines… 
[Love in thin slices…]

Capucine KELLER soprano
Renaud DELAIGUE bass
Cecilia KNUDTSEN viola da gamba 
Pierre-Louis RETAT harpsichord, organ and direction

Works by Cavalli, Monteverdi, Pergolesi, Frescobaldi, Sances, etc.

To end this special edition, the ensemble Chiome d’Oro from Geneva, a regular guest at the festival, will perform one of its flagship programmes centering around the life of a couple. The small ensemble’s depiction and dissection of romantic relationships will make you cry from laughter and weep from heartache, from the couple’s first meeting to their divorce… Aaaaaahhhh, amour…! Set in the form of a pocket opera, it was created by employing works by various Italian composers from the 17th and 18th centuries. 


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