Happy anniversary La Folia!

It is with great pleasure that we prepare in 2020 to celebrate the 20th edition of our festival of early music. Year for year over the extended Whitsunday weekends for already twenty years the ancient arches of the sublime Saint Nicolas Church in Rougemont have served as the magnificent backdrop for concerts featuring some of the world’s best Baroque musicians. For twenty years we have been gathering in the picturesque idyll of Rougemont to discover and savor beautiful music written by well-known and less well-known composers performed by outstanding musicians on historical instruments. For twenty years the festival has blossomed and grown to become one of the pillars of musical culture in French-speaking Switzerland without having lost any of its authenticity or fresh spirit. 

In order to celebrate our anniversary suitably we have prepared a number of surprises for you – smaller as well as larger ones representative of the character and atmosphere for which La Folia is known – beginning with a Festival programme filled with surprises and great promise:

The festival opens a day earlier than usual on Wednesday 27 May with a special preamble featuring the ensemble Chiome d’Oro, a regular guest at the festival, performing a humorous concert with a charitable design: it has been organized in collaboration with the Lions Club Pays-d’Enhaut and the benefits will go to the association Pro-XY, which specializes in providing support to caregivers in French-speaking Switzerland. The official overture to the festival follows on 28 May with La Simphonie du Marais and Hugo Reyne performing as a trio to tell the story of the wanderings of a Jewish musician from Jerusalem to New York; a concert that promises to be rewarding and entertaining. We will continue the celebration on Friday 29 May with the celebrated ensemble Le Poème Harmonique performing a programme of Spanish dance music. On Saturday 30 May a quick tour of Europe is planned: we begin by passing through England and France with harpsichordist Kenneth Weiss in the company of viol players Laurence Dreyfus and Heidi Gröger. This will be followed by a sojourn to Italy featuring sacred music by Monteverdi and Gabrieli in a monumental concert performed by the 18 musicians of Le Banquet Céleste. On Sunday we will be swept away by the pure sonorities of the sublime young violinist Alice Julien-Laferrière accompanied by the basso continuo ensemble Ground Floor. This special anniversary edition of the festival will close on Monday 1 June with two sets of fireworks! Bertrand Cuiller, a musician especially dear to the festival and our president’s heart, will perform a recital on the virginal, an instrument rarely heard today. The festival will close with a grand finale, the 18 singers of the ensemble Aedes will fill the church in Rougemont with an amazing programme highlighting the bond between the choral music of Henry Purcell and that of his much later compatriot Benjamin Britten. 

We are sure to laugh and cry, a festival treat for the eyes and above all for the ears, another year that is guaranteed to be unforgettable!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our patrons, sponsors, partners, friends, benefactors and you, our faithful audiences. Without you “La Folia” simply would not exist!

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Wednesday 27 may – 8 pm

"“Capriccio d’Amore”"

L'amour en tranches fines
[Love in thin slices…]


Capucine KELLER soprano
Renaud DELAIGUE bass
Cecilia KNUDTSEN viola da gamba
Pierre-Louis RETAT harpsichord, organ and direction


Works by Cavalli, Monteverdi, Pergolesi, Frescobaldi, Sances, etc.


Our anniversary edition of the festival opens with a concert organized in collaboration with the Lions Club Pays-d’Enhaut, a charity event in support of the Pays-d’Enhaut library. The ensemble Chiome d’Oro from Geneva, a regular guest at the festival, will perform one of its flagship programmes centering around the life of a couple. The small ensemble’s depiction and dissection of romantic relationships will make you cry from laughter and weep from heartache, from the couple’s first meeting to their divorce… Aaaaaahhhh, amour…! Set in the form of a pocket opera, it was created by employing works by various Italian composers from the 17th and 18th centuries.



Thursday 28 May – 8 pm

"“Le juif errant musician”"

De Jérusalem à New-York
[From Jerusalem to New York]


Hugo REYNE narration, flutes, flageolet, chalumeau, oboe, cromorne, shofar… 
Marco HORVAT baritone-bass, theorbo, lute, citole, Jew’s harp…
Francisco MAÑALICH tenor, viola da gamba, guitar, tambour, cymbals…


Biblical music, Sephardic music, klezmer, various Mantovanas
Bach, Bassano, Moulinié, Offenbach, Rossi, Smetana…


This concert offers compositions mixing music, poetry, humor and hope in a programme put together by this trio of eminent musicians including Hugo Reyne, director of La Simphonie du Marais, singers and masters of a number of instruments. The ensemble will perform a colorful bouquet of works including Biblical music, Sephardic works, Romantic compositions, klezmer music, various versions of the Mantovana, arias by Bach, Bassano, Moulinié, Offenbach, Rossi, Schubert and Smetana… A grand prix that will take us from chant from the year 33 to klezmer dances from 1930 by way of various composers, Jewish and non-Jewish, but all inspired by Jewish music or great persons from Jewish history. A unique programme that transcends the “Baroque”, 14 stations of the cross, a musical diaspora in seven chapters, sequences reflecting 2000 years of a people on a journey. The legend of a wandering Jew mixes with the Mantovana melody across several centuries and climaxing finally in hymn to Israel.



Friday 29 May - 7.30 pm




Brenda POUPARD mezzo-soprano
Fiona-Emilie POUPARD violin
Lucas PERES basse de viole
Thomas de PIERREFEU violone
Pere OLIVÉ percussion instruments
Vincent DUMESTRE guitar and direction


Works by Martin y Coll, de Briceño, Calderón de la Barca, etc.


Accompanied by guitar sonorities and percussion rhythms, mezzo-soprano Brenda Poupard sings Spanish music from Baroque Paris. Passion and bloodshed, bitter laments and frenzied diatribes take on life to dance rhythms, a testimony to the place of Spanish music in the court music of Louis XIV and the French craze for Iberian culture.



Saturday 30 May – 11 am

"“A Fancie”"

…et quelques idées heureuses…
[…and some happy thoughts…]

Kenneth WEISS harpsichord
Laurence DREYFUS viola da gamba
Heidi GRÖGER viola da gamba


Music for viola da gamba and harpsichord in France and in England at the time of Louis XIV: Works by Couperin, Heudeline, Simpson, Gibbons, Hume, Locke...


Eminent American harpsichordist Kenneth Weiss has prepared an original recital for the occasion. He will be joined on stage by two marvelous viole players, Laurence Dreyfus and Heidi Gröger; together they will perform as an ensemble, as soloists, in duet, as a trio, a concert that will vividly illustrate the birth of instrumental virtuosity in England and France in the 17th century.



Saturday 30 May – 7.30 pm

"“Musique à Saint-Marc de Venise”"



Damien GUILLON viola and direction
8 singers and 9 instrumentalists


Excerpts from Symphoniae Sacrae by Giovanni Gabrieli 
Excerpts from Selva Morale e Spirituale by Claudio Monteverdi


Inspired by the great Basilica of Saint Mark in Venice where each was director of music, one following the other, Giovanni Gabrieli and Claudio Monteverdi each played a role in the transition from Renaissance to Baroque music with compositions employing multiple choirs, purely instrumental works, and the creation of the new monodic style of the Seconda Prattica… Their audacious and innovative styles were landmarks in the history of music. This concert featuring music from two important collections of sacred music: the Symphoniae Sacrae by Giovanni Gabrieli and the Selva Morale e Spirituale by Claudio Monteverdi.



Sunday 31 May – 7.30 pm

"“Il Genio Inglese”"



Elena ANDREYEV cello and direction
Angélique MAUILLON harp
Pierre GALLON harpsichord
Etienne GALLETIER theorbo


Works by Mattéis, Schop, Dowland, Purcell, Baltzar, Brade


When the young Neapolitan composer Nicola Mattéis traveled across Europe and the English Channel at the end of the 17th century it led to a cultural shock: Italian virtuosity mixed with the poetry and mischievous invention of Albion; it was a love at first sight that did not diminish for more than a century. The young and talented violinist Alice Julien-Laferrière will bring this page of history from violin music to life in harmony with the four marvelous musicians of the basso continuo ensemble Ground Floor .



Monday 1 June – 11 am

"“Pescodd Time”"

Musique anglaise de l'époque élisabéthaine
[English music from the Elizabethan period]

Bertrand CUILLER virginal


Works by Bull, Aston, Byrd, Philipps


Pavans, galliards and variations on popular songs of the time, these are some of the pieces that Bertrand Cuiller will be performing in his concert dedicated to English composers contemporary with Queen Elizabeth I. A wonderful opportunity to discover the marvelous music of Byrd, Bull, Phillips and even their predecessor Hugh Aston, who wrote some of the earliest works for keyboard.



Monday 1 June – 4 pm

"“English Voices”"


Ensemble AEDES

Mathieu ROMANO direction
18 singers et 8 instrumentalists


Sacred music by Purcell and Britten


We close this anniversary edition of the festival by welcoming the vocal ensemble Aedes , who never ceases to astonish their audiences with innovative programmes employing a wide range of styles and performed with perfect technique. They will perform at La Folia their programme English Voices , an homage to Purcell and Britten. Throughout his life Britten worked to restore Purcell to the place of honor that he now enjoys today, to the Pantheon of great English composers. Their concert promises to be a breathtaking display of fireworks that will be an appropriate close to this very special anniversary year of the festival.



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